The accounting industry is experiencing massive transformation and change. From succession issues to the expansion of digital technology, the changing workforce has different needs in order to become innovative and engaged leaders.

At Rethink Nine to Five, our focus is to help our clients become inspired leaders and to help CPA firms to create a modern and innovative culture in a rapidly changing world. What it means to be an accountant is changing so what it means to be a leader in the accounting industry is also changing.

Through powerful coaching and training, Rethink Nine to Five can increase the level of engagement and energy so each person can reach their peak leadership potential. For a firm, this process can improve morale, reduce turnover, and increase innovation.

Rachel Andujar is passionate about improving employee engagement and creating innovative and inspired leaders. After a nine year career in public accounting, Rachel saw what burn out and lack of fulfillment can do to an organization and its people. It’s time to move accounting firms forward so they have the capacity for change and a future ready vision.

Rachel works with emerging and established leaders in the accounting industry through the energy leadership coaching process. This process inspires her clients to reach their ultimate professional and personal potential to improve satisfaction, success, and overall fulfillment. Rachel uses this same energy leadership process to partner with organizations to provide customized group coaching and training programs.

Rachel is a Certified Professional Coach and has trained with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. Rachel is a regular contributor for Going Concern and has also been featured in Fortune, Monster, and Career Contessa. Rachel has a Bachelor's in Accounting from Towson University and is a CPA in Maryland.