3 Stages of CPA Burn Out: What Stage are you? [FREE QUIZ]

We all know that busy season and burn out are two words that just go together. Like meat and potatoes or wine and cheese or 10 keys and tax returns. Burn out typically happens over time as a result of years of overwork and stress. But what if you could actually do something about it?

During my time in public accounting, I met lots of amazing people who were just completely burnt out. Feeling exhausted, disengaged, and low energy. Does that sound like you?

As accountants, we do a great job of working lots of hours and meeting tight deadlines. We could do a much better job of learning how to avoid burnout. This is a skill that unfortunately is not typically taught during associate onboarding training. It can also be difficult to avoid burnout when it is ingrained in the company’s culture as well.  

If we aren’t careful and don’t learn the right tools over time, we can enter into the 3 stages of CPA burn out. What are those 3 stages? What stage are you? Take the quiz below to find out.

  1. The Rationalizer. This person loves to rationalize their situation. They say that it will get better but don’t actually do anything about it. They may feel unhappy but procrastinate about making any real changes.
  2. The Blamer. This person complains about their work situation often and usually speaks negatively about most things. They love to blame others and feel angry that their company is making them work so much.
  3. The Zombie. This person is completely disengaged with their work situation and moves through the work day like a robot. This person is in survival mode.

So what’s your first step? Take the free quiz above to find out what stage you are in. Were you surprised?

What if you could change it and feel less stressed, more satisfied, and more confident in your career? This is why I love working with accountants just like you. By getting people out of the 3 stages of burn out, my clients feel more satisfied, feel more in control, and have more fulfilling and successful careers. What’s not to love? Read more here.