The Accounting Industry is Experiencing an Energy Crisis

You’ve heard it all. The accounting industry is being disrupted. Automation and robots are taking our jobs. Millennials aren’t interested in the old school way of climbing the ladder. Firms aren’t changing quickly enough, aren’t innovating fast enough. With all of this talk of industry transformation, there is one word that is at the root of which firms will innovate and which accounting professionals will thrive and succeed. It’s a word that probably isn’t even on your radar. That word is ENERGY.

Right now, the accounting industry is experiencing an energy crisis. Firms are struggling with compliance as a commodity, high employee turnover, and holding on to SALY processes and procedures that just may not work anymore. By always focusing on what’s wrong and fighting change, many firms are staying inside the box, afraid to rock the boat. By fearing the future and the rapid change that is coming, these firms are paralyzed by inaction and clutching to the status quo. Maybe it’s too tough to know where to start or maybe it takes too much time and billable hours will take a hit. Maybe it’s the fear of failing, losing profits short-term, or just being too busy. No matter the reason, the result is a firm in an energy crisis.

What about the people? CPA Professionals are grinding compliance work, surviving busy season, 3 steps away from burn out. The superstar employees are told to juggle more, to work more hours, and to work harder, not smarter. What is the result? The people that were engaged and inspired in the beginning of their careers, the people capable for the innovative thinking to create necessary change are burnt out and disengaged. They are either just surviving the work week or planning to leave the firm. The result is a CPA professional in an energy crisis.

So what will it take to shift the status quo and pressure that surrounds the accounting industry? The answer is energy. You see, innovation takes energy. Innovation takes creativity and positive thinking. Innovation takes time and space to breathe.

It will take powerful leaders who are versatile, skilled, and who understand the power of energy. Leaders who understand that innovation is a long-term endeavor, not a short term fix. Leaders who understand that innovative, strategic, and inspired thinking can be taught. Accessing these higher levels of energy can be taught.  

So how can you shift from thinking “what’s wrong” to “What’s the opportunity here? What’s working?” What can we create?” The answer is Energy Leadership.

Energy Leadership is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

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