We're here to help you pass the CPA exam



Only 1 in 5 CPA Exam candidates pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam the first time.


Each CPA Exam section has an average pass rate of below 50%.


Most CPA Exam study materials focus on WHAT to study for the exam. But there is a piece missing...

Working with a coach helps you to learn HOW to study for the exam, WHEN to study based on who you are, and WHY you are studying in the first place.

Whether you are just starting out and hoping to give yourself an competitive edge or if you have been struggling to pass one or more sections, working with a coach will help by:

  • Learning powerful tools and strategies to reduce the fear of failure and wavering confidence
  • Learning the best test taking strategies to set yourself up for success the day of the exam
  • Applying these tools and strategies for other areas of your life to increase overall success and satisfaction
  • Improving confidence and motivation
  • Creating a personalized study plan customized for your life
  • Providing accountability to stick to the plan and succeed
  • Powering through procrastination and other issues that create road blocks to your exam success