Do you have a great team but want to create more energy, engagement, and productivity? Do you need to inspire your employees to increase motivation and direction? Or do you know you need to make some changes and aren't sure how to begin? Rethink Nine to Five can help you through a customizable group coaching program. A group program typically lasts between 3 - 9 months meeting virtually or in-person twice a month for 60 minutes. A group coaching program can also be combined with individual coaching to personalize each leader's experience.

Group coaching works for:

  • New managers / partners
  • Top performers
  • Executive teams
  • Women's leadership initiatives
  • Parental leave transitions

You want your employees to be engaged, to feel connected to your company's mission, and to be successful. Whether you have high-performers that need career guidance and direction, a department that needs some inspiration before a busy season, or employees that may need to move on to a new endeavor, a customizable coaching program through Rethink Nine to Five can help. Rachel works with individuals to kickstart their focus and bring inspiration to their careers. 

Let's chat to determine your company's specific needs and create a program right for you!