RETHINK YOUR CAREER (1:1 Private Coaching Program)


This is a private, one-on-one coaching package over the phone completely customized for you. You are ready to figure out what you want and take awesome steps to get there. This is a 4-phase program to get you from MEH to AWESOME in 12 weeks.

Phase 1: Spend Time on You

Phase 2: Stop What's Keeping you Stuck

Phase 3: Explore Your Awesome Potential

Phase 4: Take Awesome Action

You have so many big ideas in your mind but struggle with actually moving forward. You are frustrated with not following through on what you really what and the big plans that you have.

You are ready to figure out your career vision, put those amazing ideas to paper, and take HUGE action without fear or hesitation. You know you were meant to do more. You are ready to take action NOW, not tomorrow, not next year, but right NOW. You are ready to launch the dream career you've had in your mind. You have great ideas, you want to make a big impact, you just need the clarity and the confidence with a kick in the pants to move forward.

Do you know you want change but need the steps to take action? Do you want to figure out what's next for you? In this customizable program, we will: 

  • Evaluate where you are, what's working and what's not. 
  • Get clear on what career path would be right for you and feel completely confident about .
  • Determine your strengths and values and align them with what your awesome career looks like. 
  • Breakthrough your fear of change and fear of failure to create your goals and confidently take action.
  • Revamp your personal brand so you feel confident in what you offer.

At the end of this 3 month intensive, you will feel:

  • Focused by knowing exactly what your awesome career looks like.
  • Confident because you know who you are, your strengths, and your values.
  • Ready to let go of the reasons why you are staying in your soul-less career.
  • Excited because you have an action plan to make that awesome career a reality.

You will have the steps needed to get there and an accountability partner to help you achieve them.

"I liked everything! It felt like you were personalizing the experience based on my responses and goals, so it was efficient and didn't delve into tangents that weren't central to the end goal. I was able to clear out some of my own insecurities I had about being a working mom in a male-dominated workplace. I was able to figure out what drives me and what values I need to have fulfilled in order to thrive at work. I was able to choose my next assignment knowing that it was a deliberate choice and that has made me more confident in my decision. I would recommend you to any woman, especially moms that are willing to make changes to get to a better place!" - JEN