Let me start at the beginning…

In 2012, I was pregnant, working 50 to 60 hour weeks, and terrified to continue working at the same pace with a new baby at a job I didn’t love. I negotiated a flexible work arrangement to try to have more balance. But when I was 8 months pregnant, I was notified that this arrangement would not work for the company. I was frustrated, exhausted, and super pregnancy hormonal. So what did I do? I quit. I thought being a stay at home mom would be an amazing, happy, transforming experience and definitely better than my current job.

Dare I say it out loud? It wasn’t. I was lonely, terrified, and secretly missing a quiet cup of coffee and adult conversation. I negotiated a flexible work arrangement with my old company in a different department and went back. I was so happy and pleased with myself at first.  I had negotiated the perfect flexible schedule, a schedule so many moms (and dads) would want.

I still struggled with that "out of place" feeling and not being truly satisfied. I thought it was the travel or the big company or not seeing the ladder to the top. Everything except the fact that maybe doing tax returns really was not my calling.


So I switched jobs. I negotiated another flexible work arrangement including working from home one day a week. I’ll never forget negotiating a 75% increase in salary on top of this awesome schedule.

But the satisfaction was short lived. I was confused, empty, and frustrated. “I should be happy” I kept telling myself. But I wasn’t. During busy season, I would mentally put myself on autopilot to make it through the work week. I knew this was not how it was supposed to be. I was so frustrated.


I could have kept climbing the public accounting ladder, made partner, knowing that I was not living my purpose or passion. For 6 months, I juggled with my fear and my dreams. I finally accepted that my career is NOT a linear path and that I was not failing; in fact, I was choosing success. 


I realized that I should be doing what I always loved and was already doing throughout my career.

Helping professionals, like you, to feel wildly confident in your career, to seriously love what you do, and to become the leader that you have always wanted to be. Life's short, right?

If you're ready to work with me, then let's get started!